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Wheel alignment is the process of ensuring the angles of the wheels are perpendicular to the ground, and all wheels are parallel to each other.
New tyres can be expensive, and a regular wheel alignment can prevent them from wearing out quickly. Wheel adjustment can keep your car driving safe & straight as well as keeping your tyre tread at a safe level for longer. A wheel alignment is a great way to fine tune the way your vehicle handles too.

How Often Should I Get my Wheels Aligned?

It is recommended that you get your wheels aligned every twelve months, or every 15,000 KMs, whichever comes first.

There are a few things to look out for that may be signs your vehicle's alignment needs attention. The most common is where your vehicle pulls to one side or another. This has a few probable causes though, and a flat tyre is the first thing to check. If your tyres are good but your vehicle is still pulling to one side, it’s worth getting your alignment checked out.

You should also consider getting your wheels aligned when you get new tyres, or you modify the height of your vehicle.

If the vehicle was involved in a small accident or hit a pothole, there is a chance it's put the alignment heavily out or damaged suspension components.

Uneven tyre wear is another sign your vehicle's suspension needs work. This could be down to a poor alignment or a worn-out suspension component like a suspension bushes or ball joints.

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At Workshop 7 we offer a full 4-wheel adjustment and wheel alignment service. Please call us and we can advise you of cost, procedure of required parts to be replaced and the correct replacement interval.